As a food & lifestyle Photographer / Director / DOP, creativity and quality are key.

Whether I am filming a video for an online campaign, photographing food for a leading chef, or working with a food brand on their advertising, each individual project is created in collaboration with the client.

All aspects of the shoot from food preparation, styling, and camera work are conducted to exacting professional standards to ensure all content is of the highest quality, and on brand.

An extensive knowledge and understanding of food, style and creativity come into play to ensure that the work is beautiful, delicious, and captivating.

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of making a cookbook? Here we let you in on the making of Edgar’s Mission’s vegan cookbook, Cooking with Kindness.

  • Director/DP Julie Renouf + 2nd Camera Linda Oliveri


Photographer/Director/ DOP

Julie Renouf

+61 411 874 976


Executive Producer

Barney Fisher-Turner

+90 543 381 0123

Taking time from behind the camera, you’ll find me renovating a rambling 1930’s cottage, working my organic veggie patch, walking anywhere beautiful, chatting with my 12 chooks, cuddling my cats as they snore in front of the open fire, or lying outside watching stars, clouds, and the play of light.